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CycleBar Spins It’s Way to Uptown!

The hunt for a fitness studio is a quest we’ve all set out on. From instructors who push your limits, classes that fit into your busy schedule, and a location that’s convenient to your home our office all come into the decision of dedicating your workout to a single studio. CycleBar understands this and is on a mission to take the work out of finding the perfect workout.

With the opening of it’s Uptown location last week, I took my first spin class in over 5 years! Needless to say I was nervous and had no idea what to do or expect. I think this is a reservation we’ve all dealt with. The last thing anyone wants when trying out a new fitness class is feeling lost and looking foolish. I was so relieved at how comfortable their team made me feel! I was greeted with smiling faces and was walked through each step to prepare for my ride.

Registration is done online or though the app. You simply select the date and time of your desired class, reserve a bike number and viola! The check-in process is simple and efficient. Use the tablets to scroll for your name registered to your class time. Once checked-in, your cycle shoes are ready in a cubby with the corresponding bike number selected at registration.

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Cycle shoes in hand, I was walked to the changing area complete with benches and lockers. After selecting a complimentary locker and my personal 4 digit code, I was ready to slip into CycleBar’s special shoes that lock into place on their bikes. This was a whole new experience and I felt like I was wearing those wooden German clogs! Such a weird feeling until accustomed to them, which surprisingly, doesn’t take long. Water bottles and water (of course), fruit, and earplugs are provided so you are fully prepared to ROCK YOUR RIDE!

The vibe that encompasses the cycle room is almost indescribable. Energizing music fills a colorfully lit space as you are instructed on adjusting your bike and securing your shoes are locked in properly.  As the instructor, Colin, entered the room I knew this was going to be one fun class, and man was I right! His music selection which included Taylor Swift and Kanye West definitely kept me pumped for the 45 minute, full body work out. FullSizeRender (7)

Spin classes I had taken in the past were not at a cycle studio and were nothing like the class I experienced at CycleBar. Colin had us in and out of the saddle, engaging the core, and even working on upper body strength. Not only were my legs on fire but my whole body felt this workout! Throughout the class, our stats were posted. I personally love this because you can see where you rank and get that extra push to go harder and get as much out of your workout as possible. In the end, our group burned just over 12,000 calories!

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Another thing I loved about Colin was his motivation. He told such inspirational stories and positive messages that we all need to hear. We are so much more capable than we think and for me, hearing this from someone other than my family and close friends really seems to resonate. I left feeling energized and empowered, like I could take on anything life decides to throw at me.  It was an incredible feeling that I want more of!

So whether you are searching for a new fitness routine, looking to relieve stress, or just want to have some fun, CycleBar is definitely worth a visit! Best part? Your first class is FREE! For class schedules and more information, visit their website here.

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Full Disclosure: I hosted a group class. All opinions are mine. 


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