Blog and Brunch DFW

I founded Blog and Brunch DFW in August 2016 as a way to highlight the best brunches in town and as a way to bring the foodie community together. It has been a great success and I have partnered with restaurants including Fearing’s, City Hall Bistro, Meso Maya, Mi Dia, Mexican Sugar, and many more!

How it works:

Restaurants or their PR/Marketing team contact me to schedule. I create an invitation and invite 10 (this can be adjusted) high profile local influencers to attend. During the event itself we post to Instastories and each influencer is asked to make a minimum of 2 Instagram/Facebook posts within 2 weeks of the event with an optional blog post. Our reach is generally  around 100K. In exchange, the restaurant hosting provides complimentary brunch food and drink items. Everyone attending is asked to bring a cash tip. I ensure waitstaff is very well taken care of! The event itself usually lasts about 2 hours.

Want to attend?

I’m always looking for great food bloggers to add to the group! Requirements are great photography and engagement on your social media accounts.

Want to host Blog and Brunch DFW?

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