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The Soul of Mexico in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you already know the food scene is just as predominant as slot machines and night clubs but what you may not know are all the hidden gems within the massive hotels. I was able to experience one of these treasures inside Bally’s in the heart of the Vegas strip. Located just inside is Tequila Taqueria which serves up some of the best authentic Mexican food in the city.

Of course being from Texas where salsa practically runs through our veins, I have higher than usual expectations. Our meal began with what any Mexican dining experience should, a round of cocktails where tequila is the hero! Since I was in Vegas where drinks can be as impressive as the Fountains of Bellagio, I wanted more than a traditional margarita. Luckily, there are several impressive cocktail options and over 40 tequilas to choose from including the Taqueria Primo Margarita. A concoction of Sauza 901 silver tequila (which if you didn’t know is Justin Timberlake’s tequila!!), Disaronno Originale, Cointreau, fresh sour and orange juices. A cocktail so good you’ll be ordering your second before you know it!

Taqueria Primo Margarita

Go crazy for cucumbers? If so you can’t pass up the CC Margarita. Patron silver tequila, cucumber cilantro simple syrup, fresh lime and sour juices, garnished with cucumber slices will take you from the sins of the city to your own personal paradise.

CC Margarita

Now that the tableside guacamole is a distant memory you’ll need to decide what to order as an entrée. Tacos. Always tacos! Your choice of Mahi, Pollo, or my favorite, Carnitas. Tender, slow roasted pork under black bean sauce, queso fresco, crude salsa verde, and chicharron all wrapped in white corn tortillas will go wonderfully with that second cocktail you just ordered!

Carnitas Tacos

Want something from the surf side of life with a hint of spice? Definitely opt for the Camarones Fajitas which are chipotle shrimp mixed with red and green peppers, red onion served with warm, freshly made flour tortillas, guacamole, crema Mexicana, pico de gallo, black beans, and Mexican street corn. I’m not usually one to chomp down on an ear of corn but I made an exception this time. This is hands down the best corn EVER! Even if you don’t decide on fajitas I urge you to order this corn on the side. You won’t be let down!


Roasted Corn

Everything has been incredible so far at Tequila Taqueria right? Well it’s about to go a whole other level with the Quesadilla Burger. I will admit, the concept sounded curious to me too but once you take that first bite you’ll wonder why this hasn’t been a part of your life until now. 8 juicy ounces of USDA Choice Beef topped with pepper jack cheese, romaine, tomato, cruda salsa verde and crema Mexicana all in-between two quesadillas stuffed with Oaxaca and Monterey Jack cheeses, black bean sauce, and chiles toreados. I eat a lot of food and this was one of my favorite meals ever!

Quesadilla Burger

Take a minute to reflect on the wondrous food you just indulged in and take another sip or two of that fabulous cocktail in front of you then work up the muster to fit in dessert. This is something I don’t see much on menus and was delighted to try. House made Churros with cinnamon sugar served with chocolate and raspberry sauces. Personally I preferred the soft, warm churros without the sauce but that’s just me! Either way, you will enjoy them!


I received dinner in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.


3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, NV 89109 (Bally’s Casino Level)

Phone: 702-765-0000

Hours: Sun – Thurs Noon – 3am

Fri – Sat Noon – 6am

HAPPY HOUR 3pm – 5p/10p – 12am


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