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The Lorenzo: Dallas’ Trendiest Hotel

Behind all the city lights of high rise buildings in downtown Dallas lies a new hotel. Here, art is at every turn and elegance is featured throughout this gorgeous, upscale property. The Lorenzo is redefining luxury and fine dining while staying true to what Dallas is all about.
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Before even stepping inside this one of a kind hotel, your eyes are immediately drawn to the murals that cover the exterior of the property. This is great preparation for what’s to come once you’re inside!

I was honored to be a guest of The Lorenzo with my fellow Dallas Influencers, Erin with The Finding Dallas Blog and India with The Eats Blog. We started our day, as anyone would during the Texas summer, at the pool! The DJ was spinning and the cocktails were flowing as we took in the incredible views of our beloved skyline and of course the eclectic decor! One of the most photographed murals in Dallas now resides at the pool of The Lorenzo! Albert Einstein in a colorful display definitely goes with the vibe this property presents. It’s fun to admire and of course perfect for photo ops!


After we washed off all the sunscreen it was time for dinner! Being passionate about local restaurants, the three of us were ready to see what the culinary team had in store for us! Right away we were wowed! A true southern inspired menu starting off with Braised Brisket Empanadas! A crispy, airy shell stuffed with mouthwatering seasoned brisket served with a Pimentón Chimichurri. These could literally be a meal within themselves!

IMG_6462 (2)

Being born and raised in the south myself, I can’t get enough of Chicken Fried Steak! I was more than delighted to see this on The Lorenzo’s dinner menu! Needless to say it was hands down my favorite dish! A tender cut of steak fried to a perfect crisp then covered with pepper Country Gravy and served with a Yukon Gold Puree and Buttery Green Beans! I don’t think it gets more southern that that!
IMG_6543 (2)

When I get asked what my favorite food is, the answer is always BURGERS! I could eat one every day and live life in perfect harmony! A common misconception is that anyone can do a burger justice and simply is just not the case. Luckily, this hotel hit the nail on the head! The Lorenzo Burger is juicy and cooked to your temperature preference on a Brioche Bun and comes with lettuce, tomato, and onion (or made your style)! I always opt for extra pickles and ranch, because Texas!
IMG_6574 (2)

Is it just me or does everyone else always have room for dessert at all times?! A warm brownie served in a cast iron skillet topped with vanilla bean ice cream, um yes please!

IMG_6579 (2)

We also had wonderful brunch the next morning! Follow this link to read all about it here:

I received a one night stay and meals. All opinions are mine. 

Location: 1011 S Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

Phone: (214) 273-3000








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