The Molly Ringwalds, 80s Tribute Movement, Coming To A City Near You!

The Molly Ringwalds continue to dominate the 80’s tribute band movement and are recognized as The World’s Greatest 80’s Experience. Originating from Sheffield, England, the 5 members of this dynamic band have been together for 15 years and consistently perform in front of sellout crowds in the Southern U.S. Now sponsored by Melinda’s Passionately Crafted Pepper Sauces, The Molly Ringwalds will take their electrifying show across the country playing Live Nation venues including House of Blues in cities like San Diego, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Chicago and more.

I recently sat down with the band before their sold out show at the House of Blues in Dallas to ask them about these exciting show additions. It’s going to be a fantastic 2016 said lead singer Sir Devon Nooner. Recently they played the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, TX where they are a regular act, playing there multiple times a year. The group loves the venue, fans, and the overall experience and as of now, is their favorite place to play and are gaining a loyal following in the area.

Their new sponsor, Melinda’s Hot Sauce, out of New Orleans, has fully endorsed the band even creating a customized RV for touring and giving a place for everyone to relax and have a good time after the show. They will be giving out free samples of this hot sauce at all shows and are hoping to create cocktails with it!

When asked where they’ve gotten their inspiration and who their favorite bands are they said The Beatles, Queen, Slayer, Journey, and Air Supply. When I asked how they felt about my personal favorite musician, Justin Timberlake, they said he’s definitely the whole package, great songwriter and dancer, comedic, and doesn’t take himself too seriously which is a trait The Molly Ringwalds certainly encompass.

As they were putting the finishing touches on their stage personas, they were looking forward to putting on a great show for a fantastic crowd in Dallas, TX which they absolutely did! Everyone was singing and dancing and having an incredible night belting out the 80’s classics we all love.

The Molly Ringwalds’ one of a kind line up consists of:

Sir Devon Nooner- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer

Platinum Randi Wilde- Lead Guitar, Vocals

Dickie English- Synthesizers, Vocals

Sir Liam Thunders- Drums, Vocals

Lord Philip Wang- Bass Guitar, Vocals


Want to see The Molly Ringwalds? Here are some of their upcoming shows:

8/12 @ House of Blues, Orlando, FL

9/1 @ Golden Nugget, Biloxi, MS

9/3 @ House of Blues, Chicago, IL

9/17 @ The Aztec Theater, San Antonio, TX

10/7 @ House of Blues, Cleveland, OH


For additional tour dates, a list of current songs, and information about The Molly Ringwalds visit their official website
**Full Disclosure: I received concert tickets in exchange for my review. All opinions in this post are mine.

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