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Uncle Julio’s Is What You’ve Been Missing!

So I’ve eaten at Uncle Julio’s before, but never have I experienced their menu with so much enthusiasm as I did when we went last week. I knew the food would be on point and the drinks would be killer but little did I know how much the restaurant I thought I knew would surprise me every step of the way.

A few years ago I actually threw my boyfriend’s birthday party here, yes this exact location, and coming in for our exclusive dinner we already had an idea of what we were going to order. Then we looked over the menu and immediately were left clueless as there were so many options we simply weren’t prepared for. Starting off with my first cocktail the hand shaken El Jefe Margarita (limit two) with Exotico Reposado Tequila, Ancho Reyes-ancho chile liquor, fresh lime juice, garnished with a salt and pepper rim. They give a two drink limit for a reason y’all! At first I, as with most of you, thought why? But take my word for it, this shaker of awesomeness is more than enough to get even the most avid tequila drinker forgetting why they ordered the best cocktail on the menu in the first place! Is that a good enough reason?
Uncle Julio’s

Uncle Julio’s has been the reigning champion of out-of-this-world appetizers, according to my boyfriend, for the last several years. Pretty much anything with shrimp, bacon, and spice will suffice. Try the Habanero Honey Bacon Shrimp he says, they’ll be amazing he says. Man, I hate it when he’s right but this app was beyond wonderful. Super spicy, so be warned, a plate of four mesquite grilled jumbo shrimp, stuffed with a minced habanero and queso fresco, wrapped in a smoked bacon then topped with a honey chipotle glaze, this appetizer will awaken the taste buds and probably open those sinuses that have been suppressed by the Texas allergies you’ve been suffering from! Uncle Julio’s

As with most Mexican food restaurants, you will see a plentiful menu of obvious choices. I urge you to fight your instincts and try something out of your comfort zone like I did. The Honey Chipotle Chicken Fajitas was the best decision I made all week! Sweet, tender slices of mesquite grilled chicken breast, hand trimmed, and served with all the usual fajita condiments with maple bacon as the surprise guest, will have you rethinking your fajita choices of days past.
Uncle Julio’s

There was one reason Uncle Julio’s wanted me to come out and write a review about their restaurant and that was their one-of-a-kind dessert. The Chocolate Piñata is an interactive, winner does not take all feast literally balled up into a chocolate mold filled with warm churros and fresh fruit, that someone at your table gets to crack open like a kid at a backyard birthday party. What’s more fun than knocking a chocolate piñata open at your own table while drinking a uniquely crafted margarita? Want to see this in action? Check it out here!
Uncle Julio’s

I received dinner in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are mine.

Dallas: 4125 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75219, Phone: 214-520-6620
Grapevine: 1301 William D Tate Ave, TX 76501, Phone: 817-416-8416
Ft. Worth: 5301 Camp Bowie Blvd, TX 76107, Phone: 817-377-2777

Hours: Mon – Thurs 11am – 10:30pm
Fri 11am – 11:30pm
Sat10am – 11:30pm
Sun 10am – 10:30pm


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