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The Mystery Behind Don’t Tell Supper Club

The secret’s out about Dallas’ newest hot spot, Don’t Tell Supper Club, located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. I had been looking forward to my visit for weeks and when the night finally arrived I felt butterflies! There’s complimentary valet located right in front so don’t make the mistake of paying to park in the lot attached to it.


When we arrived, there were several large parties already seated but the bar area was pretty much empty. The reservation was for 7pm and this is a nightclub type venue so that’s not unusual. While I was waiting on the rest of my party to arrive, I ordered a drink at the bar. What else was I to order but their signature cocktail, Don’t Tell? Made with SALT Berry Tequila in a fruity mixture with a very unique twist, little edible flowers that are like an explosion in your mouth! I was told to eat the flower then sip on the cocktail. It was something I have never experienced before and I loved it! Such a weird and mystifying feeling!

Now it was time to eat! The menu is created by Tre Wilcox of Bravo’s Top Chef and The Food Network’s Iron Chef America, so we were ready to be in culinary heaven. To start off we ordered the Big Eye Tuna Tartar with Scallions, Yuzu, Togarashi, and Black Radish. The tuna was superb quality and the dish itself was gone within seconds!


Next up were the DT Castle Burgers. This dish usually comes with three sliders by the way, but since there were four of we we ordered an extra. Bacon, Pepper Jack, Cabbage, and Chipotle Mayo. This was my favorite menu item! 


I’m obsessed with watermelon appetizers so ordering the Heirloom Tomato Watermelon Salad was a no brainer. We added Grilled Shrimp because, why wouldn’t you? It really elevated the dish and could easily pass for an entree.


So how is Don’t Tell a nightclub you ask? Well because of the entertainment! There was a gentleman playing pop songs on an acoustic guitar when we got there and things got more rowdy as the evening went on. A Magician comes to each table performing mesmerizing tricks, and sometimes will even pull someone from your party on stage! This is Irene with Chomp Dallas almost getting her arm chopped off!

unnamed (1)

He juggles swords, chainsaws, and even fire while balancing on a rolling piece of wood! It’s very entertaining and only slightly frightening.


There’s a contortionist who twists and bends in ways I only think I can do in a yoga class. Watching her certainly makes me wish i was more limber!


My personal fav was the burlesque dancer! Dallas-Cocktails-Sexy are just words that belong together and for a moment I had all of the above. It gets much more racy than this photo but I want to keep this post PG, y’all!


So that was my experience. It was a fun evening like no other I’ve experienced in DFW. Definitely make a reservation because it does get pretty crowded at the hours pass.

I received dinner in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine. 


2026 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 432-8282

Thurs-Sat 6pm-2am

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