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Dreams Become Reality at The Mitchell

Every time I find myself downtown Dallas, I’m mesmerized by the energy and beauty that comes with walking among buildings that touch the clouds. I get so distracted I almost forget what I’ve come to do, grab a bite and have a cocktail! One of my new favorite places to do both is The Mitchell.… Continue reading Dreams Become Reality at The Mitchell


The Sheraton Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is a fast paced urban playground with bars, restaurants, and sights at every intersection. What most travelers and locals might not know is that there is a mecca of all these things right in the heart of the city. Luxurious rooms, gorgeous views, and amenities galore, this is a property that has it… Continue reading The Sheraton Downtown Dallas

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Pinstack in Plano Is Not Your Typical Bowling Venue

When I arrived at Pinstack in Plano, I thought it would be your typical family centered bowling alley. Boy was I wrong! I was literally walking around, jaw dropped, mouth wide open, eyes as big as the Texas sky, in absolute wonderment. This is the biggest, most entertaining, family friendly, indoor playscape I’ve ever seen!… Continue reading Pinstack in Plano Is Not Your Typical Bowling Venue