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Dreams Become Reality at The Mitchell

Every time I find myself downtown Dallas, I’m mesmerized by the energy and beauty that comes with walking among buildings that touch the clouds. I get so distracted I almost forget what I’ve come to do, grab a bite and have a cocktail! One of my new favorite places to do both is The Mitchell.
A breathtaking interior that reminds me of a great hall in a royal palace, lit by dazzling chandeliers overhead but with an intimate vibe. Bar loungers beg to be sat on while you sip an Old Fashioned or Highball (both favorites of mine) and dine on an eclectic French inspired menu.
Photo courtesy of UrbanDaddy
After I regained my composure from being jaw dropped by the decor, I studied the cocktail menu closely, making sure I chose wisely. The Nightly Grind seemed to be fitting so that’s where my evening began. Giffard banana, FAIR cafè liqueur, and Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey, this was a spirit forward yet simply sweet glass of delight.
IMG_3539 (2)
Knowing myself all to well (meaning this was not going to be my only drink of the night) I excitedly started to wonder how the food would compare to an already impressive evening. I decided to let the experts surprise me and left my fate in their hands. This proved to be the best decision ever!
We started our culinary adventure with the Duck Tartine. Smoked Duck Breast, Dijon Mustard Aioli, Sour Cherry Gastrique, Profound Farms Frisée, and Gruyére. As delicious as it is gorgeous, full of flavor, and a meal within itself!
Obviously I had to cleanse my palate with another cocktail before our next course was served and what better cold weather libation than a Hot Toddy! They’re not just for when you’re sick folks!
IMG_3585 (2)
While sipping my Toddy, the dish I was most curious about was placed before me! Roasted Bone Marrow and it was everything I hoped it would be! Rich yet delicate and the perfect pairing for the ambiance of The Mitchell. Alongside we also had a perfectly cooked 8 oz. NY Strip that I could literally eat every day until the end of days!
IMG_3582 (2)
One of my go-to dishes anywhere I go is Pork Belly. It’s fragile and must be cooked absolutely perfect by an experienced chef. I often get a rush of anxiety because it it’s prepared properly it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. So I went for it, quietly sipping my cocktail, waiting to see if I would be impressed. Finally it was brought to the table and…..I was wowed! A presentation I had never experienced and every bite was like a cloud of perfection! This stole the show for me and is something I’ll be raving about for as long as it’s on the menu.
IMG_3568 (2)
The Mitchell has has redefined what happy hour should be in Downtown Dallas and was recently named #38 in Dallas Observer’s 100 Best Restaurants in 2018! With an astonishing 1,500 spirits to choose from, it’s no wonder why this neighborhood bar has stolen the spotlight. Even Whiskey Advocate Magazine has taken notice, naming The Mitchell one of the top 50 Whiskey bars in the U.S.
While The Mitchell specializes in gin, they pride themselves on serving craft cocktails for all tastes. Have a favorite spirit? Simply let one of their knowledgeable bartenders know and wait for the magic to happen!
IMG_3552 (2)
Enjoy live music:
Tuesday 8-10pm
Thursday 9:30pm-12am
Friday-Saturday 10pm-12:30am
Happy Hour Monday-Friday 12-6pm
$4 Beers
$6 Wines/Sparkling Wine
$6 Old Fashioned
$6 Gin and Tonic
$6 Seasonal Gin Rickey
$1 Oysters
Kitchen Hours
Lunch: 12pm to 4pm Monday – Friday
Dinner: 4pm to 10pm Monday – Thursday
               4pm to 11pm Friday & Saturday
Bar Hours
12pm to 12am Monday – Thursday
12pm to 2am Friday
4pm to 2am Saturday
Location: 1404 Main St. Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: 214-230-1404

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