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My 3-Days with Juice Bar Lakewood

Being healthy and taking care of myself is something I often think about but honestly rarely do. I am pulled in a million different directions every day and unfortunately, that can sometimes take a negative toll on my physical and emotional health. This year I’m striving to be better and make myself a priority. I felt the best way to show my body some TLC was with a 3-Day Juice Cleanse partnering with Juice Bar Lakewood.

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I’ll be completely honest, I was pretty terrified going in. Just juice for 3 days?! How would I feel? Would I be a nightmare to be around? Would I be so hungry I’d give in? Well, thankfully I was just being dramatic as we ladies tend to be and I made it through just fine!

The first day was definitely the easiest. I was motivated and determined to give my digestive system a detox and reset my body and mind. I picked up my 6 pack of freshly made juices on a Monday morning and got to drinking! I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the taste. I guess I was expecting a more earthy flavor. The combination of vegetables and fruit are blended beautifully so this made the process much easier than I had anticipated.


One thing I loved about the Juice Bar cleanse was that I could enjoy the juices in any order, allowing me a sense of control. I started each day with a green juice, which I have continued doing since! It works better than coffee y’all! There’s just something about pumping your body full of vitamins and nutrients first thing in the morning that really gets me in the zone!


As the days continued, I found that I actually wasn’t getting hungry. The juices were much for filling and satisfying than I imagined. The only time I felt like I was missing food was when others around me were eating, which after the first incident I just tried to avoid. My method was to drink the sweeter juices early, Sweet Greens and Orange You Glad (my favorite btw!).

I saved the heartier, more filling juices for the afternoon and evening since that’s usually when I am the most hungry and snack prone. We Got The Beet filled me up so much! I honestly couldn’t believe it.


Fresh Greens and Ginger Greens were perfect for afternoon energy boosts when I’d usually be making that 3rd cup of coffee.


I found that by drinking the juices to my mood that day really helped me. If I was craving something sweet, I’d drink a sweeter juice. It gave me the flexibility to go at my pace and listen to my body.

By the end of the 3rd day, I felt energized and accomplished for completing something I wasn’t sure I’d stick to. I’m a food writer y’all, so not eating is different in my world! I am so happy I decided to kickstart 2019 on a healthy note and so grateful to Juice Bar Lakewood for taking the journey with me!!


Interested in starting a juice cleanse? You can find Juice Bar Lakewood here:

7324 Gaston Ave Suite 123, Dallas, TX 75214

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